Louisiana Children’s Museum

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Louisiana Children’s Museum

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15 Henry Thomas Dr., New Orleans 70124

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You already know Louisiana Children’s Museum is a fun place to play, but what you may not know is that it is a place of purpose. It took over a decade to plan and build the new campus, which means everything has intention behind it. LCM looked to children as inspiration for all the ways they grow. Tapped into parents and grandparents to learn how families connect. Collaborated with experts to create the optimal environment for supporting children’s unlimited potential. The end result is a world-class hub of engagement and learning built for children and families.



Giving back is something LCM sees through two lenses: How the community invests in the museum and how the museum connects to the community. LCM embraces collaborative thinking, planning, creating, and delivering in a world-class facility that is accessible to all, with a focus on equity for the children. These values are not just meaningful ways for LCM to serve others, they are worthy investments for anyone who champions children, learning, and families.



LCM’s fundraisers include Children’s World Fair, a daylong journey exploring the people, landscapes, customs, and achievements of global nations. CHAIRish the Children is an annual gala complete with fine dining, spirits, live entertainment, and auction. The Grand Event, the newest event, is dedicated to connecting grandparents to their grandchildren through the museum.



Louisiana Children’s Museum contributes to the region’s future prosperity by engaging children’s potential and making that potential visible. Through play, shared explorations, and in dialogue with adults, LCM connects children to each other, adults, their environment, and communities.

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