Looking for Unique Gifts? There’s a Guide For That.

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Ever since Mrs. Doyle, my third-grade teacher, read O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” to my class, I knew that the perfect gift was something worth achieving. First published in 1905, it’s the story of Della and Jim, two impoverished lovers who make personal sacrifices to give one another the perfect Christmas gift.

This year, Local Oddities Gift Guide 2020 is here to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones while shopping locally. The guide was created by Kayla Morrison, founder of Krewe Media, a collective of freelancers whose offerings include digital media plans, social media expertise and website development. 

Because 2020 has been particularly challenging, Morrison believes it’s more important than ever to shop locally this holiday season to support our small businesses.

“As our community struggles to make it through tough times, one way we can help is buying our holiday gifts directly from the shops and brands that build our community,” she says. “That’s why we are making it easy for you to find the most unique gifts from some of the shops right here in or near New Orleans.”

Without festivals and with fewer market events, it’s been hard for artists to sell their products in order to make a living.  

“Online marketing helps fill this void and with this guide we want to promote local talent and products that we love in order to inspire others to buy local,” Morrison says.

The list was curated based on Morrison’s own experiences with products she loves or those products that have been on her wish list. 

Some of the owners and artists in the guide have brick and mortar stores, others have online stores only, and others make their work as a side gig and only have an Instagram account. 

The guide features almost 20 stores that include skin care products from Oxalis Apothocary, plants and art from Breathing Waters Garden, wearable fun from Fringe.And.Company, and mythical items from taxidermist and woodworker Meghan “Bunny” Ackerman. 

“If we do not make a point to support our local businesses and artist community, they will not survive,” Morrison says. “The best way to do this is to buy their work or products. When you give that gift, you get to tell your loved one where it came from and that it supports a small business. Personally, I’m giving a lot of wooden bowls from Aspiring Ghost. It may be harder than buying the hottest gift on Amazon, but it will mean more, and I guarantee they will love the passion and story you bring with it.”



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