Local Entrepreneur Launches New Venture for New Parents called the Binky Box



Whether you call it a binky, dummie or paci, if you can’t find your baby’s perfect pacifier it can seem like the end of the world.

Katie Paganuzzi and her baby Ruby went through a trial and error period while picking out the ultimate pacifier.

“There were plenty of options out there in the market, but we definitely had to kiss a couple frogs before finding our prince,” she says. “After trying every binky known to man, we found that Ruby loved Nookums — pacifiers with stuffed animals attached to them. They were easy for her to grab and she loved snuggling up with them.”

In an effort to help future parents like her, Paganuzzi has created the Binky Box, a box which contains four different brands of pacifiers that babies can try for a cheaper price than buying the pacifiers separately. The box includes brands such as Ali + Oli, Dear Raffi, Eco Pacifier, It’s a Star Baby and Three Hearts.

“The business just launched last Thursday,” she says. “It’s been good so far. I’m working with some local influencers this week in hopes of getting the word out.”

This is not Paganuzzi’s first try at business. In order to earn a little extra income to help pay off her student loans, three years ago she started The Whole Box, a subscription box catering to those taking the Whole 30 Challenge. The challenge strips sugar, grains, dairy and legumes from one’s diet for 30 days. Each box was filled with gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free and dairy-free items.

She achieved a fair amount of success with that endeavor and sold the business for a profit in June 2018. However, she quickly found she missed being the owner of a small business and soon came up with another idea, the Binky Box.

This time around she decided not to use the subscription box model.

“Babies’ needs are ever-changing,” she says. “And finding things such as quality bottles or pacifiers takes a little time. I decided not to go the subscription route with this business for mainly that reason. The idea is to have multiple brands on hand for when the baby arrives, then once you find the brand you like, you can come back to the website and purchase more of that same kind. The box is a perfect baby shower gift for that reason.”

Paganuzzi says she has a lot of regrets about selling her first business.

“In a lot of ways, it was my baby, and I really missed it once it was no longer mine,” she says. “With this business, I plan to keep it and grow it as long as I possibly can.”

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