Local Consulting Firm Celebrates Five Years of Impact

NEW ORLEANS – trepwise, a local growth consulting firm, is celebrating its fifth anniversary, demonstrating the demand for these services in the community and the impact the team continues to create through their work. The announcement was made in a press release.

Over the last five years, trepwise has powered more than 200 organizations to maximize their potential: 46-percent of whom are non-profit organizations, 41-percent for-profit, 10-percent individual coaching clients and 3-percent from the public sector.

In its five years, the firm has grown to a robust team of 12 employees who have helped 60 organizations define their mission and vision, have facilitated more than 70 retreats and gathered input from more than 1,680 stakeholders. To-date, trepwise has dedicated 575 pro bono hours (and counting) to organizations in our community. The team has worked alongside clients to meet them where they are and use entrepreneurial thinking to problem solve, with a focus on people, planning and process.

“Through passion and drive, our team has reached more than 200 incredible organizations. We have set high-level visions and also worked to evolve organizational cultures from the inside out. We have crafted company stories and created systems for forming true bonds between our clients and their customers,” said Kevin Wilkins, founder and managing director of trepwise.  “Our growth has mirrored that of the city’s over these last five years and our work has seen results: increasing revenues, creating jobs, strengthening institutions, and measuring success, all to create a thriving community where good ideas spread. In the past five years, we have grown tremendously alongside our clients, partners, and friends. We look forward to continuing to power organizations to maximize their potential.”

"trepwise continues to work to create thriving communities where good ideas spread. By working with organizations to grow revenue, create jobs, nurture innovation and improve efficiencies, the team prides itself on its impact on children and families, students of all ages, neighborhoods and government," said client Peggy Mendoza, CEO of New Pathways New Orleans. trepwise has been an invaluable support throughout our organization’s launch – from conception of our mission and values, strategic planning, and designing a financial sustainability plan. With the trepwise team’s thought partnership and expertise, our organization has been able to cultivate our vision into a tangible and concrete three-year plan designed for success.”


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