Living the Dream

Tamaron Estates

» The Tamaron subdivision encompasses approximately 70 spacious single-family homes of up to 5,200 square feet, many that have been renovated and several with in-ground pools. The first- class subdivision has a seven-foot-tall brick wall entrance off the I-10 service road and quick access to nearby businesses. The Tamaron subdivision is in Little Woods bounded by the North I-10 Service Road, Morrison Road, Kingswood Subdivision and Gannon Road. The Tamaron Subdivision Improvement District and active Tamaron Homeowner’s Association makes sure the neighborhood has attractive plantings, grass cutting, security and more. Paved sidewalks throughout the neighborhood allow residents to walk easily and safely.


Edward “Sonny” Davidson III is currently designing and building his dream home in the Lake Tamaron subdivision in East New Orleans. It’s a dream nearly 30 years in the making. In 1988, Davidson purchased a corner lot in the established Tamaron Estates neighborhood in Little Woods.

“I had three young daughters at the time, and I envisioned them in the neighborhood; it was quiet, it didn’t have a lot of traffic, the streets were in good condition. I saw them riding their bikes and doing all the things kids do. It was a dream of mine to build a home for myself and my family,” Davidson said. “I really loved the subdivision, the neighbors are all really supportive of each other, and all around it’s a beautiful community.”

However, events in Davidson’s life delayed that dream from becoming a reality. That is, until now. Now retired, Davidson is bringing his vision to life. While his own daughters are all grown up, he has new reasons to settle into the neighborhood he invested in nearly 30 years ago.

“I have 10 grandkids plus another on the way,” Davidson said. “My family is close by; one daughter lives two miles away.”

He made sure the house he’s building would have ample room for kids at play in the close-knit neighborhood.

“I’m going to have a beautiful backyard, a beautiful side and front yard,” he said. “I see people walking in the neighborhood in the evenings — I see them walking their dogs, walking with their kids,” Davidson said. “I see a younger father in the neighborhood; he has three young daughters, and he walks with them while they ride their bikes.”

The well-defined neighborhood is composed of around 70 spacious single-family homes. It’s small enough so that neighbors know one another by name, and they look out for one another.

“A young couple just bought a home in Tamaron, and one of them was a classmate of my daughter and they have a little child,” Davidson said. “We have more young established families in the neighborhood. My neighbor two doors down really watches out for what’s going on in the neighborhood. People in this community know and look out for each other.”

The Tamaron Subdivision Improvement District and homeowner’s association includes a beautification committee to make sure the neighborhood has attractive plantings, grass cutting, security and more.

“All Tamaron Estates has single-family homes and, including my construction, there are four more homes being renovated or built right now,” Davidson said. “There are lots of opportunities to buy property. In fact, it’s a buyer’s market for people moving to the East before property prices start skyrocketing.”  

Beyond the actual neighborhood, Davidson said his favorite amenities in East New Orleans include the new Joe Brown Park, just a ten-minute drive away.

“I visit the recreational center there a lot. I like playing basketball because I was a basketball player growing up — all the way to my university days,” Davidson said. “The Joe Brown facility is especially nice with the pool and walking track and lots of exercise spots for people who are interested in physical activity.”

There are also nearby restaurants, such as the New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company and China Moon. Once a week, Davidson meets with a men’s group at McDonald’s near Tamaron Estates. There, they reminisce about growing up in the area, furthering their bond to the East and each other.

“At our meetings, we have a large number of alumni from St. Augustine High School, and we always have a lot to talk about and reminisce,” Davidson said.

It was the close-knit community that attracted him to the East in the first place, and it’s the same sense of community that has kept his dream alive for 30 years.

“I’m very established in the East,” Davidson said. “I don’t see myself going anywhere else. I really love it here. I’m planted here.”  




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