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Litigating at a Distance
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From left: James M. Williams, Lawrence E. Chehardy and David R. Sherman

In unprecedented times, adaptation and collaboration are key

Since 1989, Chehardy Sherman Williams, L.L.P., has served the Greater New Orleans region with integrity, professionalism and experience. The firm’s attorneys provide superior legal consultation in a variety of practice areas, ranging from Business & Corporate Law to Healthcare Law, Personal Injury to Estate Planning, and all types of Litigation. The attorneys of Chehardy Sherman Williams Law Firm strongly believe in the community and choose to give back by serving in charitable groups and educational institutions, on various councils and as regional leaders. They believe that giving back provides opportunities to become even more aware of the area’s assets and growth, effectively enriching their lives and providing needed services, assistance and encouragement to others.


In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business during COVID-19?

Having litigators like James Williams, George Recile and Fred Herman as part of our litigation team has given Chehardy Sherman Williams national recognition as a top-tier litigation law firm. However, a significant number of our 58 attorneys practice non-litigation, “transactional law.” In the early stages of the pandemic, it became apparent that businesses would have numerous issues with government regulations and stay-at-home orders and the different types of government relief programs, including the CARES Act and various SBA loan programs. Therefore, we immediately created teams to focus on the issues facing our business clients. Our attorneys have done their best to become experts in the ways the stay-at-home orders and PPP loans affect businesses. We have been proactively communicating with our business clients, keeping them up to date on a myriad of COVID-19 related issues through regular email newsletters. A large percentage of our business clients are healthcare providers and members of the tourism industry. Our attorneys had to become quickly educated regarding COVID-19 issues in those sectors.


We pride ourselves on being available 24/7.

– David R. Sherman, Partner


Are there any lessons you have learned? Any new technology you’ve embraced?

The Greater Metropolitan New Orleans Area is blessed with many excellent law firms. Recognizing this, Chehardy Sherman Williams has tried to distinguish itself by providing superior client service. The foundation of our client service during this unprecedented time was our willingness to meet with clients anytime and anywhere. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 and offering to go to our clients rather than have them come to our office. We have always believed so strongly in face-to-face meetings, but during this time, we have learned to embrace web meetings and video conferencing. The pandemic has taught us that remote meetings utilizing the web and video conferencing can be equally effective, when necessary.


Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

Chehardy Sherman Williams believes that even as our community opens back up, COVID-19 issues will continue to affect our clients for a prolonged period of time. We believe that many clients will want to continue utilizing remote meetings as opposed to face-to-face, whenever remote meetings will be as effective, because they are perceived as safer, convenient and more economical. Internally, we are considering leasing additional space to enhance social distancing by our clients, attorneys and staff. Most attorneys I know believed, as did I, that the practice of law could not be accomplished remotely. The pandemic has taught us that while face-to-face interaction is still critical, there are many instances where remote interaction is just as effective, and if that is the only way to serve our clients, we will embrace it.


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