LifeCity Receives $25K From GNOF To Help Businesses Become More Environmentally, Socially Responsible

NEW ORLEANS – LifeCity, a local organization that’s working to make social and environmental impact profitable for businesses, received a grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation to expand its sustainability work with local businesses. The grant allows LifeCity to hire a coordinator for its Value Louisiana initiative, which brings together local leaders to build an ecosystem of support for sustainable business development beyond LifeCity’s direct technical assistance.

         Liz Shephard, CEO of LifeCity, explained that all businesses can do well by doing good. “We work every day with businesses to increase profits while at the same time adding community value,” said Shephard.

         The LifeCity team analyzes business practices and then makes recommendations on energy efficiencies, water reduction, waste diversion and recycling. In one case, for example, they recommended to a local restaurant chain to deliver its oyster shells to the a nearby coastal restoration project in lieu of a landfill, which costs money.

          “At the Greater New Orleans Foundation we are constantly looking for innovative ways to make our city more sustainable,” said Ella Delio, director of environmental and regional initiatives. “LifeCity is turning to the businesses community to be part of the solution to our environmental and social challenges.”

         Buzzwords associated with this movement are sustainability, social enterprise, shared corporate value and for-benefit companies.

         “More than anything, it’s a win-win philosophy,” said Shephard. “More and more companies are adopting business practices that add value to their bottom line and add value to the community.”

         For more information on having a LifeCity team member analyze your business practices for a free impact assessment, call 504-909-2489 or click here.



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