Letter From The 2021 Chairman

Dear Readers,

This edition of The East Magazine shows that Eastern New Orleans is a significant manufacturing and distribution beverage hub and an important economic development generator for New Orleans and the region. We congratulate Faubourg Brewing Company on its new branding campaign and new product lines introduced right here in Eastern New Orleans.

We say a heartfelt “Welcome” to Royal Brewery and Cajun Fire for seeing Eastern  New Orleans as a great place to do business. We remain proud  of the steadfast contributions made by our long-term business partners, Folgers Coffee and Crescent Crown Distributors. 

Please join us, the Board of the East New Orleans Business Development District, in giving 5-Star Kudos to our own New Orleans East Hospital, and its many community partners, in demonstrating valiant and indispensable leadership by providing vital COVID-19 testing and vaccinations during this long and hard year. On the occasion of her retirement, we also must extend our congratulations and commendation to Sylvia Scineaux-Richard and her husband Alvin for their many years of civic leadership and service to Eastern New Orleans. Sylvia is leaving ENONAC in good hands and we look forward to continuing our partnership with ENONAC.

These important Eastern New Orleans businesses that we highlight in The East Magazine demonstrate the possibilities of more business growth in the East that can benefit all New Orleans. We get excited when we see the transformative possibilities of a development such as the one proposed by the Bayou Phoenix group that would not only develop the old Jazzland site but stimulate more economic development in the real estate around it. We get excited about the thought of bringing back Lincoln Beach. We also get excited about the transformational value of having some of City government operations closer to New Orleans East Hospital with the goal of reducing healthcare costs to the City and increasing healthcare services to its employees. Just think of the economic stimulus that a City Hall or Sewerage & Water Board satellite office would have on this area which represents 40% of the geographical make-up of New Orleans.

We also applaud the many neighborhood organizations that have taken a stand to ensure the community’s voice will not be left out of the economic decisions being considered for our neighborhoods.

Let’s continue to celebrate the great economic development assets of the East and its valued leadership.


Sean Bruno, Chairman

East New Orleans Business Development District




The The East New Orleans Business Development District (ENOBDD) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 established to foster, coordinate and catalyze initiatives that improve the busines climate and quality of life in Eastern New Orleans through new business development, infrastructure improvements, and image enhancement, in order to grow good jobs in The East, attract investment, facilitate growth in tax revenues and the overall economy in the City of New Orleans. The board of ENOBDD is comprised of a cross section of experienced business executives and respected civic leaders, whose track records have garnered community support, public and private sector partnerships and other diverse resources to implement a targeted economic revitalization strategy for Eastern New Orleans.


The organization is strategically focused on attracting new business, retail and commercial development along existing commercial corridors in The East. 


ENOBDD works toward improving the appeal and marketability of major commercial corridors in The East. The organization continues to work with Code Enforcement at the City of New Orleans to eliminate commercial and residential blight. Additionally, community “clean-up” events are implemented throughout the year. Regular communication is maintained with the Department of Public Works for infrastructure improvements and repair, as well as the New Orleans Police Department for accountability in public safety.


Although one of the largest communities in the city and home to many of its recognizable assets, Eastern New Orleans has long endured unfavorable branding. ENOBDD has been at the forefront of reversing this trend by communicating with media organizations on how they report on The East. The organization is requesting a change in how maps of the East are drawn, to affect more accuracy in information reported about Eastern New Orleans, especially as it relates to crime. Additionally, members of the ENOBDD board have developed a report card to grade city agencies on public services and their responses to needs in our community.