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Cesar Burgos bridges the communication gap to provide legal services in the local Hispanic community.

Cesar Burgos, a Hispanic immigrant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, moved to New Orleans with his family when he was teenager. They’d tried New York but found the winters too cold and the opportunities too scarce, and they hoped to achieve prosperity in the south.

Since then, Burgos has certainly made a name for himself—and his bilingual law practice, Burgos & Associates, which he opened in New Orleans in 1996. Burgos & Associates, now expanded into Kenner and Baton Rouge, serves clients through personal injury law, commercial litigation, immigration cases and criminal defense.

“I love practicing law because it allows me to make a positive change in my client’s [lives],” Burgos says. “I like the intellectual challenge; I like the fact that you can prove your case, and your [client] will approve your case at the same time. It’s also been a way for me to provide for my family. It can be a noble profession when you practice it under the rules.”

Since 1996, Burgos & Associates has been steadily growing in terms of quality of service. “As the years have gone by, I have become a better lawyer in all aspects of the practice,” Burgos says. “In doing so, all the folks that work with me have grown equally.” 

Burgos & Associates consists of a team of lawyers who have worked together for many years. “On the one hand, we have lawyers that have over 20 years of experience,” Burgos says. “We also have other lawyers that have less experience but have a lot of energy. We are also unique in the sense that we are ready, willing and able to go to trial against anyone in any jurisdiction. We feel that we have the competence and the professionalism to undertake any case, bring it from A to Z and seek great verdicts for our clients.”

In addition to integrity, professionalism, competence and transparency, Burgos believes communication is key in his practice. In fact, he even credits communication as being a big reason that so much of his business is done through referrals. “I think an informed client is a lethal weapon in any case,” Burgos says. “It’s very important for the Hispanic community to have access to a bilingual law firm. There are so many things that can get lost in translation. Legal words are complex. When you create a notion of distance because there is a language barrier or cultural differences, then it becomes more complex. We not only serve the legal needs of Hispanic clients, but, in addition, we can serve as a bridge to the American legal system.”

Burgos also is involved in the local community through philanthropy (including financial contributions, sponsoring local soccer teams and donating bicycles to Hispanic children during Christmas), taking on pro bono cases (or reducing fees) and making himself available to aspiring lawyers seeking guidance.

It is this idea of community also within the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana that also appeals to Burgos. “The Chamber shows a lot of unity, so, over the years, I have taken the opportunity to participate in different types of events. In doing so, I have promoted [Burgos & Associates] in a professional way, so it’s been instrumental in that way.”

Burgos & Associates, 3535 Canal St., Ste. 200, 488-3722,

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