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Nationally, the senior care industry has seen its share of challenges this year. From the coronavirus outbreak to rigid restrictions initially imposed upon nursing homes, aging services have been greatly affected. Lambeth House, a Life Plan community located in Uptown New Orleans, did not escape the year 2020 without similar hardship; nonetheless, Lambeth House now shares a story of strength, perseverance, and resilience.

In November, as Lambeth House residents celebrated seven months of remaining COVID-free, the community launched a pledge campaign. Entitled “Not Here, Not Us,” the pledge reflects the entire community’s commitment to adhering to safety protocols that mitigate the spread of the virus. This campaign further exemplifies Lambeth House’s unwavering, unified efforts to keep their community safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Home to over 220 seniors, Lambeth House offers independent living, assisted living, and nursing care services. Lambeth House is well known for its vibrant activities, upscale dining, and its focus on healthy aging. Most recently, Lambeth House partnered with Ochsner in research dedicated to improving the lives of those with dementia via telemedicine. That research is anticipated to resume in January 2021.

“Just as Lambeth House survived and later thrived after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, we expect to emerge as a much stronger organization, one that leads the senior care industry in innovation, research, and compassionate care,” says Scott Crabtree, Chief Executive Officer.

Steadfast in their commitment to quality senior care, Scott Crabtree, CEO (center), Jere’ Hales, COO (right) and Lynn Swetland, CFO (left), readies Lambeth House for 2021.

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