LA Job Training Requirements Starting For 52,000 On Food Stamps

BATON ROUGE (AP) — New job training requirements are kicking in for thousands of non-working, childless adults in Louisiana who receive food stamps.

         Gov. John Bel Edwards issued the executive order in April. The requirements begin Friday.

         The Department of Children and Family Services says about 52,000 food stamp recipients, who get a maximum of $194 in assistance each month, will be affected by the order.

         The non-working, childless food stamp recipients will have to go in person to one of 59 state Business and Career Solution Centers for job search assistance and referrals to available adult education programs.

         People who are working or in school are exempt.

         Edwards has maintained a federal waiver of work requirements for childless adults in the food stamp program, while enacting the job training and placement requirements.



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