LA Gov. Edwards To Deliver Keynote At RES/CON, GNO, Inc. Offers Discounted Admission

NEW ORLEANS – The Global Resilience Summit is the premier annual international conference on the practice of successful resiliency and disaster management in an evolving global environment.

         Based in New Orleans — a globally recognized hub of resilience, disaster management and innovation — this 3-day conference brings a previously unseen mix of disaster and resilience practitioners to explore profound and powerful topics that impact communities and economies worldwide.

         Taking place March 7 – 9, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, Zurich North America, Shell Global, the Walton Family Foundation, AECOM, Walmart and several additional sponsors, RES/CON attracts disaster-management and resilience-building practitioners and experts from around the globe and across the public, private and NGO sectors.

         Plenary sessions, workshops, best-practice reviews and peer networking events will serve to engage and promote participation from all who attend in exploring profound and powerful topics that impact

communities and economies worldwide.

         Attendees represent a wide range of professionals that are involved in various aspects of resilience and disaster management:


• Policymakers

• Trade Associations

• Advocates

• Emergency Management Officials

• International, Federal, State and Municipal Government Leadership

• First Responders

• Educational Institutions

• Private-Sector

• Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Service Professionals

• Resilience Officers and Practitioners


         Speakers and attendees will include representatives from the United Nations, Twitter, the City of Los Angeles, HR&A Advisors, AirBnB, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, G&H International Services, Perkins+Will, U.S. Geological Survey, Zurich North America, Shell Global, among many other global leading professionals in the field.

         In addition to the RES/CON plenary and concurrent sessions, this conference will include:


• Two National Disaster Preparedness Training Center pre-conference courses including hurricane awareness and community resilience

• Opening keynote from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

• Internationally recognized leaders and policy makers

• Informal meet-up and networking sessions

• Idea exchanges

• 2 days of dedicated exhibition time


         RES/CON 2017’s three days of programming is organized around four themes, each impacting communities and economies worldwide.

         These themes are:


• Leadership + Strategy: While the growing number of shocks and stresses around the world has focused attention on the need to build resilience, there remains a deficiency in preparedness, capacity and expertise across sectors to address crises before they emerge and respond once they do. These sessions will illustrate how leadership and effective management can be used to engage an array of stakeholders – from emergency managers and first responders to non-profit organizations and local government to local and global businesses– in order to promote long-term, cohesive planning.

• Technology + Innovation – In a world with an app for everything, understanding how technology and innovation can be used to build resilience in communities to prepare for and respond to shocks and stresses is essential. These sessions will highlight best practices, examine avenues for innovating in the field of resilience and contemplate the current and future role of technology in the sector.

• Economy + Risk – The financial impact of disasters can bring communities to a standstill, making response slow and inefficient all while prolonging the impact on the local economy. These sessions will explore how communities can finance their resilience building, including an assessment of their risks and potential challenges, the development of strategies to handle these prior to an occurrence, all in an effort to speed up the recovery process and limit the economic interruption.

• Community + Social Cohesion – From shocks – like hurricanes to terrorism – to stresses – like violence or food shortages – there are a host of factors which can have an effect on a community. These sessions will explore how communities, neighborhood organizations, workplaces, families and local leaders can build resilience in order to mitigate the impacts of these events and rebound more quickly.


         GNO, Inc. is offering discounted rates to attend.

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         View the full RES/CON schedule and register here


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