LA Board Of Regents Makes Progress To ‘Elevate Louisiana!’

Drs. Adell Brown and Bill Richardson present collaborative efforts between Southern and LSU AgCenters during today’s board meeting.

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Board of Regents received updates on proposed policies relative to Elevate Louisiana: The New Reality for Higher Education. On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the board discussed next steps on the review of undergraduate programs, guidelines for institutional mergers or consolidations, development of a financial health analysis and received an update on the Elevate Louisiana timeline.

         Elevate Louisiana was adopted by the Board of Regents, during the December 2015 meeting, to address the changing landscape of public higher education. This initiative serves as the foundation for the future direction of Louisiana higher education. Elevate Louisiana is supported by two very specific goals- Educate and Innovate.

         Aligned to the Elevate Louisiana mission, the Board also approved a series of strategic priorities which address the current and projected fiscal realities for Louisiana higher education. These priorities are supported by four guiding principles and seven distinct actions, with several initiatives discussed during today’s meeting.

         Guiding Principles: 

• Access to undergraduate education is essential to the population and economy of Louisiana.

• Access to graduate education must be re-evaluated from a narrower state-wide perspective.

• Resources must be provided for essential cutting-edge research at selected sites.

• Postsecondary resources must be targeted to respond to local/regional workforce needs.

         Higher Education Initiatives:

• Approve, as appropriate, revisions to existing role, scope and mission statements.

• Develop and Adopt a Policy on mergers/consolidations of institutions.

• Develop and Adopt a Policy on Financial Early Warning Systems and Financial Stress.

• Revise Regents’ Policy on Low-Completer Review to Elevate the Threshold for Review.

• Conduct a Statewide and Regional Review of all Graduate programs.

• Conduct a Statewide and Regional Review of Targeted Undergraduate Programs.

• Review Degree Program Requirements and Available Courses to Encourage/Reward Structured Pathways to Degrees with Limited Course Choice.


         “The Board of Regents will continue its work of focusing on the current realities of Louisiana public higher education through the actions outlined in Elevate Louisiana,” said Commissioner Joseph C. Rallo. “Another important component of the Elevate Louisiana strategy is our response to Act 619 of the 2016 Regular Session, by Senator Sharon Hewitt, which calls for a comprehensive analysis of public higher education.  We believe that all of this work will help us develop a revised Master Plan, along with significant policies to realign and improve public higher education in Louisiana.”

         Documents discussed during Wednesday’s meeting can be accessed using the Planning, Research and Performance and Elevate LA-Financial Health Analysis links located here. 



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