L.H. Hayward & Company Announces Executive Chef

NEW ORLEANS — L.H. Hayward & Company, parent company of Camellia Brand and Gulf Coast Blenders, announced in a press release that Louisiana native Ryan Shepherd will be its executive chef. The iconic, 96-year-old New Orleans company distributes 19 varieties of premium non-GMO dry beans, peas and lentils through Camellia Brand and the finest dry ingredient blends in the country through Gulf Coast Blenders. 

“We could not be more thrilled to have the incredibly talented Chef Ryan Shepherd join the L.H. Hayward & Company family as we look at the future of research and development for both Camellia Brand and Gulf Coast Blenders,” said Vince Hayward, L.H. Hayward & Company CEO and fourth-generation owner. “Having a chef on our team has always been a goal of ours, and now more than ever we are able to not only provide the highest quality products to our consumers, but also complement those products with countless delicious recipes for all to enjoy.”

Shepherd holds a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He brings over 16 years of professional culinary arts experience to L.H. Hayward & Company. Most notably, he was recruited by the legendary chef Paul Prudhomme in 2012 for collaborative product development work at Magic Seasoning Blends Inc. There he led companies around the world in the development of category-leading food products and restaurant-quality flavors that today’s market demands. 

“To be part of this company is such an honor and I’m so excited to hit the ground running,” said Executive Chef Ryan Shepherd. “Camellia is a brand that brings people together to gather around and enjoy a meal. This is one of my favorite aspects about cooking — bringing those of all backgrounds to the table to share a delicious, quality meal and spend time with each other.”



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