Keeping Local New Orleans Businesses Thriving In The Heat Of Summer


NEW ORLEANS — Local Welcomemat Services Franchisee, Jeremie Ertle, has a passion for helping local businesses succeed. Ertle, who has spent 20 years in New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University, has a strong connection with the city’s culture, tradition and people that make it such a special, tight knit community. 

Ertle has been with Welcomemat Services for two and a half years and has seen tremendous accomplishments along the way as local businesses are able to flourish and reach new customers. Welcomemat Services uses unique marketing technology to target new residents moving to a new market and provides them with a welcoming package to help build loyal customers for locally owned businesses. 

“I liked the idea of partnering up with local businesses and welcoming new residents into their neighborhood and help them get acquainted with great local businesses,” Ertle said. 

With successes also comes challenges. Traditionally, tourism slows down during the summer months because of heat and hurricane season along with Tulane and other local universities being out for summer. Naturally, when tourists come to New Orleans they will experience the culture and dive right into the entertainment and dining areas. 

“One thing I focus on is that summer is always the busiest moving season of the year,” Ertle said. “We have been able to reach these new residents and current residents effectively and efficiently.”

By sending new residents monthly direct-mail pieces that encourages them to try out a new local restaurant, dry cleaners or barber shop, it is Welcomemat Services’ goal to establish a connection between the newcomers in town and the local shops rather than a larger brand name they might be familiar with. 

Local businesses such as Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood on Magazine Street, Mellow Mushroom in the Tulane University area and Carmo in downtown New Orleans have seen an increase in customers during the summer season due to Ertle’s efforts to support local business.

“Often times, locals will make sure to go support their favorite local businesses because they know that they need support and will also benefit from less wait time and better service,” Ertle said. 

Moving forward, Ertle sees a bright future ahead for New Orleans and the surrounding region.

“New Orleans has really picked up some steam in the last few years as far as getting young professionals to move into the city,” Ertle said. “A lot of that credit goes to the unique culture, great dining and entertainment. From new construction to revitalizing older buildings downtown, there is a lot of activity and it’s an exciting time to be here.”

– by Alexa Renée Harrison, associate news editor

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