John Blancher

Owner, Rock’N’Bowl

New Orleans Chamber Member Since 2014

“Chamber resources help Rock’N’Bowl, among other local businesses, to grow and communicate with each other”

John Blancher has never been a man to shy away from opportunity. Since he opened Rock’N’Bowl’s doors, he has welcomed all comers from any walk of life, incorporating live music and good food to create an environment that is uniquely—and famously—New Orleans. That eye for growth is part of what guided Blancher, Rock’N’Bowl and partner business Ye Olde College Inn to join the New Orleans Chamber.

Chamber resources help Rock’N’Bowl, among other local businesses, to grow and communicate with each other, building a city where a network of businesses support each other and add to the city’s success, which is one of many reasons Blancher is proud to be a member. The Chamber’s work ensures healthier, happier companies in New Orleans, which in turn leads to a healthier and happier economy, a positive cycle of regeneration and growth for all participants.

The neon bowling pin, bright and visible to anyone driving down Carrollton Avenue, has long been synonymous with a good time. Since Rock’N’Bowl’s early days at their original location, when they were known for their Zydeco music on Thursday nights, they’ve grown into the place for lively, diverse music. After a National Geographic article told the legendary story of Buddhist monks bowling barefoot in the bowling alley, Rock’N’Bowl became a must-see location for visitors and locals alike.

Together, Rock’N’Bowl and Ye Olde College Inn combine to make a “one-stop dine and rock,” a perfect date night, group outing, company bonding trip or anything a person could want it to be. In this, the Chamber and Rock’N’Bowl are in sync in promoting a business environment in the city that is both dedicated to building relationships and, when it matters most, having fun. | 504.861.1700

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