Jeremy Jacobson, Financial Advisor & Founder, The RBI Group

“The students excel, grow and thrive in a workplace environment.”

Jeremy Jacobson understands the value of a good internship. He himself interned in college under his uncle; that internship yielded an opportunity for his first job, which brought him to New Orleans. Jacobson has worked as a financial advisor since 2001. He joined LPL in that capacity and founded The RBI Group in 2013, after serving as the Vice President of Investments with Morgan Keegan. His experience has led to in-depth work with Shell Oil employees, helping them navigate and make the most out of their investments, from Shell Pension, the Provident fund and social security.

With The RBI Group, Jacobson is dedicated to spreading that valuable internship practice further. Over the last five years, the internship program at RBI has worked with college students from LSU, Tulane and UCLA to expand their financial knowledge and literacy. They cover investment fund best practices, 401(k) setup and working with company employees to communicate financial plans. Thanks to RBI’s relationship with Shell employees, interns get the chance to cut their teeth on a large plan that serves employees of all different needs. This opportunity ensures career success and an impact that goes far beyond the duration of an

While working with millennials and Gen Z interns, Jacobson has discovered that, given strong parameters and workplace expectations, the young students excel, grow and thrive in a workplace environment. Contrary to the reputation for laziness and technological obsession that has dogged the younger generations, Jacobson says that in his internship program, the students have shown drive and dedication. They provide new insight into client experiences and questions and often become a source of suggestions for potential changes and improvements.

“When you’re talking with them you can see their eyes light up when they learn something new,” said Jacobson. Whether that new information is discovering the impact of bank certificates of deposit (CDs) or finding a promising new mutual fund, internships at The RBI Group pave the way for that information to prosper.

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