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Jewel-Tone Clothes
Cheryl Gerber
Jennifer Gremillion, screenwriter, author and blogger, relaxes at Faulkner House Books on Pirate’s Alley, one her favorite literary haunts in New Orleans, as she shows off what she calls her Louisiana poise style that includes wearing jewel-tone colors. Jennifer was part of the spotlight noting the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina promoting Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina, her new book.

Jennifer Gremillion has been told that her voice sounds very much like the famous author William Faulkner. She may sound like him but she looks like a page out of Vogue Magazine wearing her favorite jewel-tone clothes.

“I love the saturation of rich jewel-tone colors and think they look amazing with any skin tone,” she says as she relaxes in Faulkner House Books on Pirate’s Alley, one her favorite literary haunts in New Orleans.

The dynamic author, who likes to think of both Encinitas, California, and New Orleans as home, has carved out a niche as a screenwriter in the competitive California market, and Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina, her recent book that had her under the local spotlight as part of the 10-year anniversary of Katrina.

“My intention is to make it a movie about the book,” she says. And don’t underestimate her ability to do this since Jennifer isn’t afraid to dream big. “The book is the true story of my Katrina experience and it would make an interesting movie.”

Jennifer and Pierre, her attorney husband, lived in a Lakeview home that had seven-feet of water and a roof that blew off when the historical hurricane hit. Their son Gabriel, then three-years old had been diagnosed with giant pigmented nevus that has resulted in 13 major surgeries and two laser surgeries to remove the “birth-mark-like growths” since his birth. Lucas is their eight-year-old, post-Katrina son.

For her round of personal appearances, including being one of the guest speakers for Margarita Bergen’s recent Round Table luncheon at Antoine’s Restaurant, her handsome wardrobe of jewel-tone clothes has been just the right style statement to go along with her successful career as a screenwriter, author and inspiration blogger.

“I think the clothes in my closet go from Louisiana poise to Hollywood glamour,” she says. “My favorite jewel-tone outfits are always appropriate when I want to feel well dressed.” Her style comes from having observed the women in her life. “Fashion was very important to my mom, grandmothers and aunts, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

A graduate of Loyola University, with an advanced degree from the University of New Orleans, she attended Holy Name of Jesus Elementary School, just steps from her then home on Henry Clay Avenue as a child, and then went on to finish Mercy Academy High School. “I am a writer by nature,” she proudly says. “I discovered the love of writing as a teenager when I wrote an essay, ‘How to Describe the Color Red to a Blind Person.’”

She explains her life today by adding: “I live my life writing from my heart from a creative soul filled with colorful experiences from the beautiful places I visited, the unique trials I endured, the incredible people I met along the way, the bold growth that has taken place in me, and the depth of my character. It is from this rich well, I intimately write concepts that invoke profound change, deep conversation, soul searching, meaning, encouragement, and inspiration.”

She is quick to add that her life until 2005 in New Orleans provided her a special love what she calls, seamless familiarity. “It is a city with an amazing culture, wonderful people, lively music, and delicious food,” she says. It also gave her a special sense of style. “My Louisiana poise will never be overcome by Hollywood glamour.”



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