Jennie M. Campbell, CMP, CMM, PMP

CEO/President Stewart Steelwood Investments, LLC


Throughout her decades-long career, Jennie Campbell has seen it all: changes in technology, evolutions in business, and dramatic shifts in how people speak, listen and engage.

She’s learned to face each new challenge head-on, whether the situation is personal or professional. Just last year, a viral illness left Campbell temporarily blind, but after years of turning adversity into opportunities for growth, she managed to emerge stronger, wiser and more determined than ever before.

“In a way, I’m thankful for the adversities; I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” Campbell says. “Business is an even playing field, and I believe you move forward in your career by having solid integrity and ethics, by having a good attitude and, most importantly, by being grateful for every opportunity.”

This philosophy is the result of valuable mentorships that made Campbell into the leader she is today, and she hopes to make a significant impact on the next-gen workforce by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

In fact, Campbell puts people at the heart of her latest campaign for The Stewart Lodges, aptly titled “The Art of Connection.” With a focus on giving back, perseverance, discipline, integrity and attitude, the campaign has become more apropos than even Campbell imagined — but it’s a message that comes at a time when people need each other most. After all, she says, a moment of darkness can result in profound enlightenment.

“Knowledge is power,” Campbell says. “With it, you can engage in conversations with confidence and earn the respect of your peers and colleagues. If you can master these traits, no matter who you are, you will be successful.”


Her Business

“The Stewart Lodges”


Her Mission

What I hope I have accomplished in my career and life is to be significant by making a difference in other peoples’ lives by mentoring and sharing through my personal experiences and knowledge as my mentor has done for me.  It is my time in my life to give back and pass on to the next generation.



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