Jefferson Parish School Board Statements

Goals for the School Board in 2019

“ I am excited about the outlook for JPPSS with the newly-elected School Board that takes office in January 2019. I am hopeful that our new board will be able to present a united front to fully support Superintendent Cade Brumley, to go before the voters and pass raises for our employees and implement our new facilities plan.”

Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge
JPPSS School Board Member, District 9



“ I am looking forward to working with the superintendent, his administration and my fellow board members to improve education for all children in our parish. We have many pressing needs in our system that need to be addressed. These include, but are not limited to, improving pay for teachers and support staff, as well as addressing facility issues that exist with our aging infrastructure. These items cannot be ignored if we intend on retaining and attracting talented teachers for our children. I am optimistic that we will make positive, systematic changes to our school system, that will benefit the children currently enrolled and attract new families and businesses into our region for this generation and beyond.”

Chad Nugent
JPPSS School Board Member, District 8



“ During my time on the School Board, when the big challenges that are not completely vetted like millages and large asset purchase came up, it was great to have the Jefferson Chamber and a committed business community stand with you in opposition and find the best solution, not the most expedient or politically correct one. I know the Chamber will continue to support the newly elected School Board in the same way in coming years.”

Melinda Bourgeois
Former JPPSS School Board Member, District 4