Jefferson Chamber Introduces “Quarantingo” Challenge

METAIRIE – From the Jefferson Chamber:

Allow me to present, Quarantingo! This is a custom bingo card with different trackable actions that people can participate in throughout the community. Each participant should complete three actions from the game board and then tag three others encouraging them to participate in a post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or your platform of choice.

Here’s a sample social media post:

The @JeffersonChamber is encouraging its members and the community to complete three actions from the bingo card to spread positivity during COVID-19 quarantine for a chance to (virtually) shout QUARANTINGO! I completed ONE, TWO & THREE. Now, I nominate NAME, NAME & NAME to play quarantingo with me! #JeffersonChamber

I shouted quarantingo by completing the three boxes on the right – Shop Small, Thank A Healthcare Professional, Share What You Are Grateful For. I’ll be posting and tagging on LinkedIn soon.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy and I hope you enjoy the game!

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