JEDCO Unveils 5-Year Plan to Transform Jefferson Parish Economy

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AVONDALE, La. – The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission has unveiled a new long-term economic development strategic plan to “move the Jefferson Parish economy forward with resiliency, social equity, and competitiveness.”

The Jefferson EDGE 2025, which was adopted by the Jefferson Parish Council on March 17 as the official economic development strategic plan for Jefferson Parish, lays out a path to grow the parish’s economy through the retention and creation of quality jobs, entrepreneurship, and investment over the next five years (2021-2025).

“2020 proved to us that economic disruptions can aid in propelling our community forward. Taking into account a global pandemic, social and political unrest, and a challenging hurricane season, we embarked on a strategic planning process to determine the economic future of Jefferson Parish,” said JEDCO president and CEO Jerry Bologna. “We invited a diverse group of individuals, industries, and perspectives to the table to talk about the things that matter to our community. What emerged from these discussions was a comprehensive plan that focused on creating jobs for our residents, opportunities for our entrepreneurs, and a sense of place that will attract newcomers into our area. We thank the many community leaders, stakeholders, investors, and elected officials who joined us to bring this plan to life.” 

There are three major goals outlined in the Jefferson EDGE 2025:

  • Talent and workforce: ensuring residents have access to well-paying jobs and employers have access to a pipeline of talent
  • Innovation and industry: Pursuing innovation-centric industries and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Quality of place and real estate: accelerate real estate development projects that create quality spaces for new jobs and investment in the parish’s industrial, commercial and mixed-use districts

Each goal is supported by dozens of actions and initiatives designed to develop and attract talent, draw new investment and job growth in target industries, and create quality places and amenities. The goals tie in with Jefferson Parish’s five target industry clusters to create a holistic approach to economic development and advancement. The industry clusters are healthcare innovation, supply chain infrastructure, culinary products, environmental and engineering services, and technology and design.

“Jefferson Parish has long been a hub for world-class innovation and business,” said Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng. “This new economic development strategic plan sets our community up to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and to accelerate economic growth and vitality in the future, so we can maintain our role as the economic engine of our region. We commend the many business leaders, organizations, and stakeholders who joined the discussions to help create a forward-thinking vision that will impact our community long-term.” 

Implementation of the plan is already underway. See the full plan here.

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