JEDCO Releases Kenner Business Resource Guide In Spanish

KENNER, LA – The Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) announced the release of the Kenner Business Resource Guide in Spanish.

         The Business Resource Guide, which details information about starting a business in the City of Kenner, was translated into the Spanish language to support the large Hispanic population in the community.

         Through the updated Jefferson EDGE 2020, the Parish's long-term economic development strategic plan released in late 2015, JEDCO identified a need to make its services accessible to a larger, more diverse population of business owners. Plans to translate the Kenner Business Resource Guide into Spanish were outlined in the strategic plan and implemented within the second quarter of 2016. The document was translated in-house by JEDCO employees and Commissioners. Additionally, it was reviewed by NOLA General Services and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana.

         Kenner is ranked the 11th most diverse city of its size in the United States, according to an analysis by WalletHub of U.S. Census Bureau data. Hispanic residents make up over 22% of Kenner's population. Many Hispanic business owners in the community speak Spanish as their native language.

         "It is JEDCO's goal to assist all Jefferson Parish citizens and through the Spanish translation of the Kenner Business Resource Guide, we are able to reach a wider audience within the City of Kenner and Jefferson Parish," said Jerry Bologna, JEDCO President and CEO. "I am especially proud of the JEDCO staff for spearheading this initiative internally and producing a high-quality document that can better support our diverse community."

         "Considering that one out of five residents in Kenner is Hispanic, anything that we can do to work with Hispanic entrepreneurs should certainly benefit the city in the long run," Acting Mayor Michael Sigur said. "Having a Spanish version of the Kenner Business Resource Guide makes sense and is just another example of the excellent work that JEDCO is doing on our behalf."

         Spanish-speaking business owners can find the Kenner Business Resource Guide in Spanish at Kenner City Hall in the Mayor's Office, Council Office, and the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement. Additionally, the guide is available at the City of Kenner's Hispanic Resource Center.

         An online version can be found on JEDCO's website.



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