J Collection Hotels and Resorts Makes Its Debut

Photo of the Melrose Mansion in New Orleans courtesy of the J Collection

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Hotel Collection and the French Quarter Hotel Collection – previously two separate hotel groups – are now officially part of the J Collection, a New Orleans-based group of southern hotels and resorts. The J Collection includes 19 unique, locally owned and operated hotels situated throughout New Orleans and the surrounding region.

“The J Collection represents the best of the south, with an incredibly diverse array of hotels and resorts, each with its own unique story to tell,” said Joe Jaeger, principal of the J Collection. “As we continue to expand our presence throughout New Orleans and beyond, including the two most recent acquisitions of Le Richelieu and Dunleith, we look forward to continuing our commitment to preserving and protecting historically significant properties throughout the region.”

The J Collection was founded in New Orleans by Jaeger in 2015 as a part of the MCC Group, a multi-unit real estate development organization dedicated to real estate projects that spur economic and community development.

The J Collection said its hotels and resorts represent their locations’ history, culture and personality. The list includes Nottoway, the largest remaining antebellum mansion in the South; the Bourbon Orleans, which is home to a historic ballroom; and Audubon Cottages, a collection of tucked-away cottages gathered around what is said to be the first swimming pool in the French Quarter.

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