It’s Time.

Editor’s Note
Kimberley Singletary
Illustration by Paddy Mills

“Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

We’ve all said that at one time or another upon finding ourselves in the unfortunate situation of learning that somebody we care about was going through a difficult time. It’s just one of those things you say, but how often does it really precede you actually doing anything? Probably not often, because the person you’re trying to console likely didn’t have the bandwidth to express what they were really needing. They were too busy hurting.

Instead, according to at least one advice columnist I’ve read, (and it makes complete sense to me having been on the receiving end a few times of many expressions of “if there’s anything I can do”) the better thing to do is just think of something, anything you could possibly do, and do it. Whatever the crisis, there’s likely some action you could take to maybe make things a little easier, a little better — something to lighten the load. Don’t put it on someone else to think of what that thing is for you.

This advice popped into my head again reading this month’s issue, only instead of a person going through a hard time, it’s our whole city, (our whole country really, but it just feels a bit more manageable to think locally right now). On top of the increase in crime — which cities across the nation have seen during the pandemic — we all recognize we also battle a police shortage, infrastructure problems, hurricanes, etc. Understandably, there’s been a lot of complaining that things should be handled better. I have definitely done my share to that end. The thing is, it does absolutely nothing to help or change anything. We know that too.

Our city is hurting, and likely nobody is going to come to you and ask you to do something. But what if, instead of waiting to be asked, we all just took a minute and thought of something, anything we could do to help? As a business owner or organization, could you join the Nola Coalition? As an individual, could you pick a specific issue that really bugs you, find out who is trying to do something about it and then ask what they need? Is there some organization you could start supporting? Even in a small, but regular way? Is there a cause you could lend your voice or connections to? I promise, there is a way you can help, and it would make a difference. As soon as you start looking for ways to help, it’s amazing how they start to appear.

This is our city, our home. It’s time to ask ourselves what we’re going to do to make it everything it should be.


Kimberley Singletary
Managing Editor