It’s Time

For the past year, I have focused on getting healthy—well, as much as I can tolerate. In five months I will turn 50, and in six months I walk my first daughter down the aisle, so I have set goals to attain before these two life-changing events.

I have always been the person that focuses on the journey and not the destination, as it is the journey to get somewhere that is satisfying and makes the arrival—or in these cases, the events—all that much sweeter.  

So, since last year, I have focused on losing weight and right now I am moving into working out with a trainer. (I need a coach or it will never happen.) I mentioned the words “tolerate” and “getting healthy” together because the working out part is the worst. There is nothing about exercising I enjoy, just ask Russell (my trainer). I remind him weekly how much I do not enjoy seeing him, but I know it is essential.

I write this because I look back now and see that I had been only working on my mind and spirit for the past 25 years and missed the body part. Beginning a workout program at 50 is tough, but I am determined to build strength and shrink my waistline.  

So, for those of you that are young and growing your professional career and family, take my advice and don’t forget to focus on your health. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

Happy exercising.


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