It’s All In The Name

Bed Wetters Irrigation & Lighting

“In selecting a brand name, it is important to know who you’ll be serving, their beliefs and perceptions,” says Betsie Gambel, president of Gambel Communications.  “If customers feel that the brand name is a good fit and authentic, they will more easily remember it and like it.”

Jason Scherer’s successful business was named by his friend, Jim Schaffer, who currently does historic millwork.

“I came up with the name when I thought I might start a similar business,” Schaffer says. “I was happy to share it. I said all he had to pay me for my marketing advice was a T-shirt and hat.”

The name of Scherer’s business is Bed Wetters Irrigation & Lighting.

“It’s memorable and people seem to like it,” Scherer says. “Many clients say they contacted us simply because they enjoyed the name and our humor.”

Bed Wetters is a family-owned and operated, insured and certified irrigation contractor that has served the Greater New Orleans area for more than 15 years. The company provides irrigation and lighting services to both residential and commercial customers. From sprinkler systems for full-size lawns to irrigation systems through flower beds, Bed Wetters does it all.

“We do, on average, 20 to 30 service calls a week, Scherer says. “I like the satisfaction of seeing a job through from beginning to end and doing it right.”

“After Katrina, my father (Harold, who recently retired) hurt his shoulder and I was going to help out for just six months or so,” he says. “But I quickly discovered I liked it. I’d spent 10 years in the corporate world sitting in an office and I realized I really loved working outside.”

Scherer’s mother, Rose, manages the office and George Carter and Todd Calamusa have worked with the company for 11 and 8 years respectively.

Scherer advises people to do routine checks on their irrigation system, cycle it and then set it accordingly.

“We do it for our clients in March, June, September and December,” he says. “With the price of water, you don’t want your system running on a summer setting when your lawn or garden needs a lot of water, when it’s the middle of winter and you don’t need as much water.”

Besides lighting and irrigation, the company also offers mosquito protection using Mosquito Magician, a highly-concentrated product that suffocates mosquito larvae in the standing water where they breed, kills adult mosquitoes on contact and repels for up to two weeks in a single treatment. The system can be installed with any new or existing sprinkler system and uses advanced electronics to distribute the mosquito concentrate evenly.

“Because it’s made of natural ingredients, it’s safe for adults, children, pets, Koi fish and the environment,” he says. “It also kills fleas, ticks and spiders. It’s made from cedar, citronella, lemon grass, garlic, geraniol and rosemary oils and it I think it smells just like crab boil!”

Scherer believes it’s important to respond quickly to his customers even if it’s to tell them that he’s swamped and might not get to them for awhile.

“If it’s a true emergency, we prioritize and try to help people out when we can,” he says. “We try to treat everyone with respect and compassion.”

And finally, as it says on the Bed Wetter’s website: “I mean, sometimes you just need to wet the bed on purpose.”


Bed Wetters Irrigation & Lighting

6361 W End Blvd.




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