It’s a Christmas Miracle!

A spicy fried chicken sandwich can now magically turn into a holiday meal for a needy family.
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Since Dec. 8, the BLOAK 12 Days of Christmas fundraising campaign has sold more than 1,200 sandwiches at Blue Oak BBQ (900 N. Carrollton). Blue Oak is sponsoring the event designed to help feed families associated with Son of a Saint (SOAS), an organization that equips fatherless boys with the tools they need to become productive men. SOAS give boys hope, vision and opportunity while providing a secure and consistent environment for them.

The campaign runs through Saturday, Dec. 19.

Blue Oak BBQ Co-owner Philip Moseley, a SOAS program mentor, and his partner Ronnie Evans are spearheading the effort.

“I think partnerships like these are important as a whole to help keep the sense of community alive,” says Moseley. “It’s more important than ever during uncertain and challenging times like now…Supporting one another is essential for success as a whole. It helps keep us grounded with a sense of normality during a time when so many things are scary or unsettling.”

Moseley said the campaign is all a part of having perspective in a difficult time.

“Being able to remind ourselves that there are always greater needs than our own outside of our realm actually can help ease the anxiety in an unforeseeable climate,” says Moseley. “At the end of the day, it’s important to Blue Oak to be part of the community, a good neighbor and a good citizen of New Orleans — a city we all couldn’t live without.”



Son of a Saint exists to enhance the lives of fatherless boys through mentorship, emotional support, development of life skills, exposure to constructive experiences and formation of positive, lasting, peer-to-peer relationships.


Success: Helps 100 boys each year with a dedicated staff and 100 mentors

SOAS Location: 2803 St. Philip St, New Orleans

Phone: (504) 655-8416


How Readers can Help?

Head to Blue Oak BBQ between now and Dec. 19th and order a Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich.


How can businesses help? Consider ordering sandwiches as a thank you for your team, or head to Son of a Saint’s website and place a charitable donation this holiday season.



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