Biz The Magazine - November 2016

Corporate Gifts - Think Local

When it comes to showing your appreciation for clients over the holidays, why not show your creativity and support of local business at the same time?

Giving Memories

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to bond with or thank a good client, or a creative end of the year team building activity for employees, now is a great time to escape the office and have an adventure with these local companies.

Client First

Starting next April, investment advisors will be required to put client needs above their own — a demand that’s causing turmoil in the industry.

Controversy on the Line

The mayor’s office is considering selling the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, and some say it’s already impacting the Port of New Orleans.

Three In One

The St. John Center Soundstage in LaPlace is not just a soundstage, it’s a community center and the parish’s tourism commission headquarters.

Canal Cruising

rom Sept. 20-23, I was fortunate enough to head south to Panama for the 2016 Super Region Canvas Workshop. Among our many outings was a trip to the Panama Canal, which just underwent a $5 billion expansion. It was definitely…