Biz The Magazine - January 2017

Mind the Gap

trepwise Founder Kevin Wilkins has spent the past five years guiding New Orleans companies from startup to multi-million-dollar success story.

Rising Tide

The outlook for 2017 was looking up at this year’s International WorkBoat Show & Annual Conference

Business people of the Year

All year long Biz New Orleans highlights business people who are out there succeeding and making a difference in our region. Here are a few of our favorites from 2016.

Domain Dominates

Biz New Orleans CEOs of the Year, Matt Schwartz and Chris Papamichael are transforming New Orleans one project at a time.

The One and Only

Original New Orleans Movie Tours is the city’s only film-related business that isn’t threatened a bit by the downturn.

Water Management

If we want to grow small business locally, we need to stop giving away construction contracts to out-of-state businesses.