Investar Bank Introduces Mobile Wallet Offering

Investar Square

BATON ROUGE – Investar Bank is now offering mobile wallet options using the Investar Visa debit or credit card with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. 

“We are thrilled to expand our fintech offering to include mobile wallet options to our customers,” said Dane Babin, COO and executive vice president at Investar. “With Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay customers with mobile phones or smart watches can now connect their Investar debit or credit cards to make purchases. Simply unlock your device using Touch/Face ID and scan your phone to pay without digging for your wallet,” continued Babin.

From the Investar release: “Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are fast, simple ways to pay and protect card information. The actual credit and debit card numbers are not stored on the mobile device. Even when you forget your wallet, you probably didn’t forget your phone so making purchases can still happen. Customers can pay confidently while on the go.”

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