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Rose Vinci, CFO | Caroline P. Hayes, Marketing Director | Shelby E. Russ Jr., President & CEO | Suzanne Dumez, VP Business Development | Rebecca Cooley, VP Modular Interior Construction | Bud Breaux, VP Contract Furniture

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, AOS Interior Environments has been experiencing a milestone year. As the region’s leading provider of commercial furnishings and prefabricated interior construction, the company is enjoying some of its largest growth to date.

AOS (formerly known as Associated Office Systems) started as an independent filing and storage dealership in 1976, opening offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport. Since then, AOS has grown to be the largest provider of commercial furniture, storage solutions and prefabricated interior construction in Louisiana and Mississippi. To support a truly turnkey process, the company employs a team of 76 and operates all warehousing, installation and services in-house.

However, the key to success for AOS goes beyond product offerings and a one-stop shop business plan. President and CEO Shelby Russ credits a deep-seeded, solutions-based philosophy. “Every business has a vision of its own image and how it wants to be perceived,” he says. “They want their physical environment to reflect that personal vision, and it is our role to facilitate their ability to do so in the most efficient, resourceful way possible within their budget.”

In 2017 alone, the company has installed product in over 1 million square feet of space for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local community organizations. Among the many notable projects AOS has had the good fortune to work on are: the World War II Museum, Superdome, Orpheum Theater, New Orleans BioInnovation Center, Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Arlene Mereaux River Observation Center, the Saints and Pelicans practice facilities and the new VA Medical Center.

“We are extremely grateful to have served the region’s outstanding architecture and design community for all these years and are deeply inspired by the future this industry is shaping,” Russ says. “Our city is in the midst of a renaissance with a renewed sense of vitality and energy. We are all fortunate to be a part of this growth and consider it our responsibility to be a catalyst through our team, our offerings and our contributions to this incredible city.”

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