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University of Holy Cross
David M. “Buck” landry, Phd, President and Dr. Armine Shohoyan, PhD, professor and chair for the department of business administration

The University of Holy Cross, celebrating their 100th year, has an extremely robust business department offering undergraduate degrees in business administration and accounting, and graduate degree in management.

Continuing the University’s mission, the business department’s responsibility is also to develop business leaders and professionals with the consciousness, knowledge and practical skills to be successful in a dynamic, ever-changing business environment. “We equip students with the necessary tools so that they can be immediate contributors to the organizations they join upon graduation,” said Dr. Armine Shohoyan, PhD, professor and chair for the department of business administration. “While a large part of that process involves classroom learning, we strive to enrich business programs by additional experiential learning opportunities in many different areas to round out students’ academic careers.”  
Business administration students may choose an area of concentration or may choose to pursue the business administration degree with no area of concentration. Concentrations are offered in management, marketing, healthcare management and organizational management (accelerated 19-month program for adult learners).

Accounting students are prepared for positions and careers in public, private and governmental accounting. The study of accounting provides students with the best possible credentials to serve the needs of today’s world of commerce. Students completing a B.S. in accounting degree (120 credit hours) are prepared in the foundations of the profession and graduate with all accounting courses required for CPA examination.
The masters of science  in management program is designed for working professionals who need to maintain their full-time job while pursuing a graduate level degree. The program produces organizational leaders who can be successful in today’s fast-paced business world by being able to identify complex problems, implement solutions and make sound managerial decisions. The program has two-tracks: the 30-credit-hour MSM and the 39-credit-hour MSM with an optional concentration in operations management or healthcare management.

In Spring 2016, the university launched the Dean James Rabalais Executive Speakers Series, which became an integral part of the business education in the University of Holy Cross. Invited business leaders present keynote speeches to an audience of students, faculty and community members. Engagement of students in direct discussion with the speakers gives them a unique opportunity to meet notable business leaders one-on-one.

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