Inside The Industry: Business Development

Aimee Freeman Consulting
Aimee Freeman and her officemate, Red Hot Cayenne Pepper, or “Pepper”

Where others see a roadblock, Aimee Adatto Freeman sees opportunity.

A business consultant who creates growth for her clients, Freeman specializes in opening new pathways to success for businesses of all sizes. Her secret?

She listens.

“My strategic planning process begins with listening to the good, the bad and – yes – sometimes the ugly,” says Freeman. The listening happens in confidential conversations with key employees. Taking the time to interview and engage with a variety of individuals allows Freeman to collect data and provide honest insights.

But listening is just the first step in a process Freeman calls “Pause and Prosper.”

“Most business leaders know they need to step back and evaluate every few years,” says Freeman. “Without exception, the owners and key staffers are too busy with daily operations to pause and do this on their own.” The result is that strategic planning and course corrections don’t happen. “It’s not just damaging, but deadly to the growth of their businesses.”

After conducting confidential interviews with employees and C-level executives, Freeman distills and analyzes what she has learned.
The result? A customized path to business success based on real data and a shared vision.

Freeman’s diverse clients include Curry Caviness & Webb, PLC, Point 8 Power, Receivable Recovery Services and Trapolin-Peer Architects. She has worked with early-stage startups like Louisiana Veterans Research and Education Corporation, and international financial institutions like HSBC. In addition to Strategic Planning, Freeman offers two-hour strategy meetings, one-day leadership workshops, mission statement workshops and off-site work retreats.

An active civic leader, Freeman currently serves on the Executive Committee for the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation.