In the Flow

Kathleen Turpel, owner of Imaginal Marketing Group, an award-winning advertising agency based in New Orleans that specializes in the fashion and beauty industry, aspires to perpetually be in the “flow” in her life and her business.

“Flow” named by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, answers the simple question: “What makes a life worth living?" The philosophy suggests that money cannot make us happy but finding pleasure and lasting satisfaction in what one does with passion can.

“I want to do those things that keep me in the flow,” Turpel says. “I want to be in a place where nothing else matters, where there’s no sense of time or fatigue and I want to be there as often as I can.”

Turpel’s advertising agency keeps her in the flow because she and her staff of 30 only work on projects they believe in. One of Imaginal’s biggest clients is Aveda, a leading botanical hair and skin company that takes a holistic approach to beauty.

“They are committed to the environment,” Turpel says. “They have a sanctuary on their main campus in Minneapolis where they raise bees and butterflies to help keep them off the endangered list.”

She went on to list just a few of the other things the company does from their work with tribes in the Amazon to planting renewable sandalwood forests.

 “They pioneered the concept of environmentally conscious corporations years before it became fashionable.”

The team at Imaginal recently finished a massive project — Aveda’s brand book, which covers every aspect of the brand and will function as Aveda’s strategic guideline.

‘We pushed one another to go further every day,” says Turpel. “This brochure was a labor of love and one of my favorite things I’ve ever helped create. It took long hours for months and months. We challenged each other every day asking: ‘Can we make it better?’ ‘Is this real?’ ‘Is this the message?’ “How does it make you feel?’ We questioned every word, every photo, every color and every font.  This brochure was created with tears, sleepless nights, dream inspiration, lots of goose bumps and laughter. This is why I do what I do and love it.”

Turpel says the best thing about her business is that it’s never boring.

“If I’m not having fun I’m not doing it,” she says. “If you are under 40 and you say that you’re considered lazy. If you over 40 and say it then people say you’re passionate.”

Turpel truly believes marketing isn’t selling.  

“I know it sounds corny, but I don’t really care if it sounds corny. Marketing is helping others communicate their dreams clearly — seeing the potential, seeing where it can go and making it a reality, that’s marketing.

Turpel says that doing just that for clients big and small is what keeps her in the flow.



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