In IT and software development what’s the most exciting innovation or technology you’ve seen in the past year?

Perspective Tech


Perspective Tech Kylemalone 1

Kyle Malone
I’m excited to see low code and no code platforms become realistic options for businesses. These platforms take what would have been significant projects with developers, business analysts, etc., and put the “development” into more than just a developer’s hands. Need a mobile app to read barcodes? Simple. Need to create a portal that allows customers to view and pay outstanding balances? Done. Now you can extend existing or create new applications, self-manage your development cycle, have more internal resources to develop the apps and significantly reduce costs.


Perspective Tech Darrinpiotrowski 1

Darrin Piotrowski
CEO Rent-A-Nerd
The development and improvement of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) made the move to Azure (Microsoft’s cloud) even easier for businesses and IT administrators. WVD provides access to a “virtual” Windows computer that can run applications like PCLaw, Medisoft and Microsoft Office from anywhere while sensitive company data remains in the cloud and is never out of the company’s control. Over the last year, Microsoft has vastly improved their Azure portal, making deployment and management more efficient.


Perspective Tech Barrettconrad 1

Barrett M. Conrad
Owner/Manager CotingaSoft
The most interesting innovations we’ve seen came from a change in companies’ mindsets towards technology, solidifying it as a necessity for everyone. Companies are reworking their technology as components of resilience and long-term survival. Software, in particular, is a strong operational constant that maintains business continuity through significant turbulence. We saw clients make new investments in technology or double down on what they had in place to ensure their future footing. Those investments that are going to drive future innovations.


Perspective Tech Donmonistere 1

Don Monistere
President General Informatics
Two innovations stand out to me: General Informatics Server365 AlwaysOn Network — which offers secure online access to business applications without going through establishing a VPN — and Prodoscore, an amazing product I think will be used by every business that wants to ensure productivity of remote staff. Prodoscore measures thousands of daily activity points across business applications you’re already using and generates actionable analytics that measure productivity and create immediate opportunities for process improvement, while respecting employee privacy.


Perspective Tech Stephaniekavanaugh 1

Stephanie Kavanaugh
Sales & Marketing Director Universal Data Incorporated
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has allowed for big business cybersecurity solutions to be adopted in small business environments. However, the innovation of technology solutions was not as exciting as the adoption of collaboration solutions in businesses otherwise resistant, as they worked to ensure their employees could collaborate and work from anywhere, at any time. I see automation working positively for us in the years ahead. I believe this will give us the opportunity to be more creative and strategic in helping clients grow their businesses.


Perspective Tech Neelsus 1

Neel S. Sus
CEO Susco
We were blown away when we saw a demo of Google’s GPT-3 AI. Given a loose set of parameters, it can write entire articles that pass the Turing test. Relating to software development, given another set of loose parameters, we watched it create the code for an entire basic website. It’s a game changer for


Perspective Tech Vincegremillion 1

Vince Gremillion, CISSP, GCIH
Owner/Founder Restech
We are seeing a rapid uptake of AI-based security systems, medical analysis, and other big data problem-solving applications. AI is good at large scale data parsing and reporting. How that parsed data is used is where the ethical dilemmas come into play. The economic impact of AI is yet to be fully seen. It will certainly eliminate jobs and can cause a greater gap in the population since so many people are opting to take the “short term” payout and not work. Businesses will replace workers with AI/robotics, permanently eliminating the need for employees in labor-intensive industries.