Partners with VAXSYS to Develop Vaccination Apps

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NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans-based tech company has partnered with VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. to develop two vaccine-related software applications: an “enroller” app for those administering the vaccines, and a screener app for anyone requiring proof of vaccination. 

“We’re hoping this innovative technology will help our world fully reopen quicker and safer,” said Denis Petrov, co-founder and CEO of, a provider of identity verification and information gathering solutions. “We are proud to work with VAXSYS to develop apps that will help airlines, restaurants, schools, offices, gyms and all those that have had to limit access to welcome people through their doors again with confidence.” said it developed the two apps for VAXSYS to provide an end-to-end system for public and private sectors to enroll those vaccinated at the time and place of vaccination, and thereafter, securely and anonymously determine if individuals have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

“The simplicity of the VAXSYS Universal Enroller App means it is able to be downloaded to any smartphone, requires no additional equipment or training, and therefore it is completely mobile, and ready to be immediately deployed to a large number of vaccination sites of any size,” said VAXSYS Technologies CEO Moshe Meppen. “This capability completely aligns with the new Administration’s plans for rapid expansion of vaccination sites.”

The VAXSYS Universal Enroller App, downloaded onto an iOS or Android smartphone and requiring no other equipment, is mobile and available to be instantly and widely deployed. It can be used by medical facilities to ensure individuals receive both doses of the vaccine correctly and within the timeframe that is specific to each type of vaccine. The app will automatically create the necessary record and encrypt and store that record in a specified secure database. As an option, that encrypted record may be encoded into an NFC smartcard, which is given to the person vaccinated. Biographic information is obtained touch-free from driver’s license or ID cards using scanning solutions. Medical facilities will then either tie the vaccination record to the patient’s ID or driver’s license or provide patients with an NFC smartcard-encrypted with the information.  

Using the VAXSYS Universal Screener App on Android or iOS devices, organizations can then use the device’s camera to scan the individual’s government-issued ID. The app will then interrogate the vaccination database to determine vaccination status. This screening is completely anonymous. The screener sees no biographic information and only a red or green screen to confirm they have received both doses of the vaccine before entering the premises or removing their mask. 

“Just like we provide ID scanning solutions to instantly verify age before individuals enter bars or security clearance before they enter restricted areas, these new apps will help ensure people are protected before coming in contact with others,” said Petrov. “Ultimately, it will help limit the spread of the virus through communities.”

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