Idea Village: Use These Ida Resources

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NEW ORLEANS – From the Idea Village:

“Grief and resiliency live together,” said Michelle Obama in her memoir, Becoming. Southeast Louisiana is experiencing this moment of grief as we assess the damage sustained from Hurricane Ida. Though we are on a long road to recovery, it is important to remember the resilient spirit that makes our region so special.

Over 200,000 people in New Orleans and the surrounding area have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. Whether you rode out the storm at home, are an evacuee newly embracing your longer than planned ‘refugee’ status, or who simply knows what it means to love New Orleans, we can all come together to help each other through this difficult time.  

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Stay safe over the next few days and we will get through this together.

Below are some resources for founders, startups and others that may be helpful in this moment:

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