How is your company using AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance the customer experience?

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Perspective Bank Davidluke

David M. Luke
Sr. Vice President/ Treasury Management & Commercial Deposit Manager | Home Bank
Using AI, we can provide our customers with real-time fraud protection. Algorithms in our security software recognize suspicious activity and notify card users of potential fraud. Best of all, this provides actionable alerts for our customers via text messages on mobile devices. Similarly, we use monitoring software to track potential fraud in real-time for wires and ACH payments. Looking ahead, we anticipate offering more AI enhancements at our ATMs and with online chat.


Perspective Bank Charlelefevre

Charles LeFevre
COO and CxO | Fidelity Bank
We have been using AI for decades to prevent fraudulent transactions from even posting to accounts.  In the last few years, our use of AI has expanded to also include the curation of content that we provide to our commercial and small business clients via electronic communications.  This isn’t just a simple, global response to overall click-through trends, it’s machine learning at the individual level that allows us to provide the most relevant information to our clients to help them stay current with what’s most important to their business.


Perspective Bank Shaneloper

D. Shane Loper
COO  | Hancock Whitney
The bank’s leveraging of AI has advanced at least five years in the past nine months. Our AI tools are focused on creating a deeper understanding of our clients’ and prospects’ needs, which helps us determine the best product fit and know when a client may be becoming dissatisfied. AI also provides our bankers with relevant information that allows them to have meaningful conversations with clients and prospects.  We are also developing AI that will help signal a client’s life events so that we can help them achieve their goals and dreams.


Perspective Bank Jasonbezou

Jason Bezou
Financial Advisor | Bezou Financial
AI has gradually become instrumental to portfolio management, but there’s a risk to relying too much on automation since markets are often inconsistent and impacted by something unprecedented almost every time they begin to move. That may trigger AI to shift to more conservative investments when the market drops. If that dip is followed by a big recovery, however, AI may respond slower, leaving the investor worse off than if they had simply stayed put. What we do know is that sound financial planning is the key to success over time.