Hoteliers Sounding the Alarm

NEW ORLEANS – The American Hotel and Lodging Association is sounding the alarm about job losses within the industry. According to the trade group, Louisiana is poised to lose almost half of its 38,000 direct hotel jobs.

The Louisiana Hotel & Lodging Association shared some of the messages state industry leaders are sending to congress:

“As a hotelier at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel I have been personally been furloughed after spending my entire career in the hotel industry. New Orleans is known for their hospitality and at this point, 95% of the people I know have been laid off or furloughed. With the majority of the staff of my hotel already living near the poverty line, it is so important that we stabilize as soon as possible.” – Isabella Finnel, New Orleans

“Numerous line level employees lose their jobs, their livelihood and income for their families. I have been in the Hospitality Industry for 35 plus years and have never experienced the fear we are all feeling for our jobs.” – Angelique Gianfala, Benton, La.

“I have experienced firsthand… A devastating effect on the hotels our management company operates. Since the Corona virus outbreak, and since the declaration of State of Emergency, we saw bookings at our properties decrease by more than 50% and continue to deteriorate. Even with drastic cost cutting measures implemented at each hotel, it will be impossible for our hotels to cover cost of operations and cover debt service. As a result of drastic drop in hotel revenues, our management company cannot generate its much needed revenue to survive.” – Ed Ghanami, Shreveport, La.

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