Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: 2017 Women’s Business Symposium – Louisiana’s Day of Empowerment

Thursday, May 4 | Sheraton Metairie
Cheryl Gerber
Marla Fontes, Lesley Castro, Lilliam Wilson and Brenda Melara

This year’s Women’s Business Symposium featured guest speakers: Angela O’Byrne, president and CEO of Perez, APC; Angelica Garcia-Dunn, president of AIM Global Logistics; Brandy Christian, president and CEO of Port of New Orleans; Joan Davis, chancellor of Delgado Community College; Maria Rios, president of Nation Waste; and Sonia Perez, president of AT&T.


Jan Davis, Tara Hernandez and Maria Rios

Melissa Daigrepont, Marina Manzaneres, Taslya Mejia and Daniel Toro Jr.

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