Herzing University Offers Transfer Options For ITT Tech Students

NEW ORLEANS – Hamed Shibly, Herzing University’s Campus President in New Orleans, released the following statement about helping displaced IIT Tech students:


         Herzing University, is an accredited nonprofit institution, whose vision is to be the lifelong learning partner for students, employers and communities. While we have no comment on ITT-Tech’s business operations or the Department of Education’s decision; we care about the future of those impacted by ITT-Tech’s closure. Their students and those who had hoped to pursue their education this Fall, should know that Herzing University has several opportunities to help students complete or begin their degrees.

         We have established transfer-credit pathways. We are meeting with interested students on a one-to-one basis to answer questions and outline their academic and financial plan. In order to make a transition as smooth and fair as possible, it is Herzing’s intent to work with students to complete a similar program within their original program costs. Every student case will be different and common-sense conditions will apply, such as the student making good progress in their program. We feel this is only fair to students who have already invested in their education and future.

         We will also host on-campus and online forums for students interested in learning more. Additionally, for those students who may have missed their graduation ceremony this summer and would still like to ‘walk’ we are open to having them join our graduates this December. To learn more about Herzing University programs, students should contact (844) 334-1412 or visit www.Herzing.edu.



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