Harbor Filled With Katrina Debris Cleaned

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (AP) — More than 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, storm debris still litters the marshlands of Hancock County.

         A joint cleanup effort this week in Clermont Harbor targeted the mess Katrina left behind. Mississippi Power, Coast Electric, the city of Waveland and Hancock County's beautification committee are among the partners handling the cleanup.

         WLOX-TV’s Steve Phillips reports an old washing machine, several boats and a couple of bath tubs were among the debris removed from the harbor's marshes.

         Craig Clement, of the Clermont Harbor Civic Association, says anything that came out of people's homes, ended up in the harbor.

         "We're very appreciative to everybody involved and look forward to other developments here with Clermont Harbor itself and the Clermont Harbor community," said Clement.

         Waveland officials hope to follow up the effort with similar cleanup projects throughout the city.

         "We're looking too, in the future, trying to do some clean up in the City of Waveland. We have a lot of boats and debris still in our woods," said Don Siebenkittel, beautification director for the City of Waveland.

         The cleanup effort is about more than just making the place look good. There are also significant environmental benefits.

         "Any marshland or wetland area that works as kind of an environmental filter. So this area drains into the Gulf of Mexico. And it's important to get the debris out of there so the pollution is not so bad," said Courtney Vanderschaaf with Mississippi Power Company.

         Those who live in the area say a cleaner harbor and bayou will also be more inviting to visitors.

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