Harahan’s GenoVive Interactive Wellness Center Assists Flood Victims With 30K Meals

HARAHAN, LA – GenoVive, a genetic nutrition and fitness company based in Harahan, LA, is aiding flood victims in Louisiana.

         Thousands of victims are still staying in shelters or with friends on higher ground and do not yet know the condition of their homes. More than 40,000 homes have been damaged and the death toll has risen to 13. The affected areas are North of Coastal Louisiana, and additional flood warnings remain. The Red Cross has called the recent flooding the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy.

         Vic Castellon, PharmD., the founder of GenoVive has been working closely with The Cajun Navy near Baton Rouge, LA. So far, GenoVive has donated 65 pallets of food equaling 30,000 meals and are sending more in the coming week. “Having been a resident in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, I sympathize with all the victims deeply,” Castellon said. “The magnitude of the amount of damage this flooding has done was nothing that anyone expected. It’s an honor to help out the people of Louisiana and throughout our partnership with The Cajun Navy, we hope to be able to provide some relief to those in need. Local authorities and City government  has been incredibly helpful and resilient throughout it all, and we want to state that this would not have been possible without the joint cooperation of everyone.”

         The Cajun Navy, a team of Louisiana natives who help those in need in the wake of disasters in Louisiana, has been hard at work throughout all of the stages of the flooding, GenoVive reps said. Their primary focus after the flood was search and rescue, and have helped rescue many victims that were trapped at the height of the flood. Now, they are focusing on trying to attain provisions to supply to the evacuees. “We are overwhelmed with the need, but it has been moving extremely efficiently,” Jason Canon, a member of The Cajun Navy, said. “We are utilizing apps such as Glympse which is an app that shows and updates your location in real time, as well as a CB radio-styled platform called Zello, which has granted us the ability to help more people, quicker. We are very happy to be helping out neighbors in their time of need.”

         Distribution points are being coordinated with authorities in Estherwood, and Midland , LA.

         GenoVive was founded by Castellon in 2010. As a pioneer in the emerging fields of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics by introducing the first comprehensive personalized weight management solution based on genetic sciences, GenoVive represents a ground breaking new approach to long term weight management solution based on science that uses participants’ unique DNA to develop customized meal and exercise programs, featuring ideal combinations of macronutrients to deliver the most effective results.

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