Happy Dad’s Day

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So, I’m a horrible daughter. I’ve been looking, and apparently the last good photo I’ve taken with my dad was when I got married, almost 17 years ago. I’m sorry Jamie, I love you. I promise I’ll make it up to you next year.

That’s the thing about dads, they kind of take a second place when it comes to the whole annual parental celebration thing. Moms get flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, brunches — dads tend to be a little simpler. Backyard barbecue? Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings? That’s what it looks like in my family at least.

This month’s cover feature in Biz New Orleans celebrates the bond between one local father and son who happen to share a very special connection to the day that extends past the fact that they are the dynamic tea tasting duo behind Luzianne tea — the No. 2 iced tea bag producer in the nation, with offices right here in New Orleans (“Steeped in Tradition,” p. 40). Plus, it turns out June is national iced tea month!

If you want to really treat dear old dad this year, consider a meal at Whoodoo BBQ, a restaurant in Treme serving Chef Demetriek Scott’s signature barbecue sauce, or maybe catch a movie at the new Broad Theater — the stories behind both are featured in this month’s issue.

Whatever you do, if you’re lucky enough that your dad is alive and living close by, at least make sure you grab a good picture.

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A few clarifications in the May issue:

The correct photo of contributing writer Greg Rhoades in the Guest Viewpoint article is seen here.

The caption in “Leaving Their Mark,” of the YLC staff should read, from left to right: Ellen Durand, Natasha Ott, Stephanie Powell and Candace Weber.

We regret the errors.



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