Guardian Summit 2021 Powered by Camelback Ventures

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NEW ORLEANS – Camelback Ventures, a nonprofit supporting undervalued entrepreneurs, has announced the return of its annual Guardian Summit scheduled for Oct. 12, 2021. Thought leaders, executives, and influencers will come together for a unique virtual national convening. Organizers say the free event will challenge attendees to “re-envision the past in order to create a balanced and more equitable future for all.” To register and learn more about Guardian Summit 2021, click here.

“The Guardian Summit is a way for us to focus our collective efforts towards post-pandemic equitable recovery for entrepreneurs of color and the communities they serve. My hope is that this year’s convening will leverage the wisdom and genius of attendees to help create a more prosperous world for future generations,” said Camelback Ventures Founder and CEO Aaron T. Walker in a press release.

Coinciding with the event, Camelback’s “I Am a Guardian” digital movement encourages participants to create a custom social media frame. The campaign kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021. The commitment of a ‘guardian’ is to focus on the inputs (assets, values, policies) that enable not only wealth accumulation but also the “equitable conditions needed to ensure BIPOC leaders and communities can thrive over generations.”

At Guardian Summit 2021, attendees will hear from leaders in entrepreneurship, technology, business, and the arts about the importance of “generational inheritance,” reflect on their roles as guardians, and work together to design interventions that will improve and accelerate communities of color. Guardian Summit sponsors and partners include Reclamation Ventures, B Lab U.S. and Canada, and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. Panels at the summit will include:

  • Guarding Our Future: The Makings of A Futuristic Recovery
  • Guarding Our Power: Entrepreneurship is Power
  • Guarding Our Technology: The True Pioneers of Conscious Tech
  • Guarding The #NextInLine: How Will We Impact The #NextInLine

“Historically, in moments of catastrophic disruption, recovery efforts have often exacerbated and widened racial gaps. This is the time for us to come together to guard our future. I look forward to Guardian Summit charging insightful conversations and thought leadership about how we should approach post-pandemic recovery to create a more equitable future for our next in line entrepreneurs and communities to inherit,” said Kelli Saulny, Camelback’s director of strategic partnerships. 

To register and learn more about Guardian Summit 2021, visit

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