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Shirley “Toni” McCord

“We’re here to not only help businesses survive, but also thrive.”

Embracing change can lead to long-term success

Financial decisions of any magnitude bring with them a series of complex, often-intimidating questions that can leave anyone feeling unsure and overwhelmed. Shirley “Toni” McCord, CPA, APAC has offered clients peace of mind and trusted expertise for more than 20 years, whether clients own and operate small to midsize businesses or whether they simply need advice on handling household finances. The full-service public accounting firm provides a full range of consulting and advisory services to help clients navigate their most important decisions with ease and efficiency. Such guidance has become even more important as companies and families alike adjust to ever-changing business and financial situations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — so McCord and her team want to make sure that no one has to do it alone.

In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business during Covid-19?

Forward is the only way to go! With tax filings due and clients needing assistance with their PPP applications, our team has been continually working. I fully expect the need for professional guidance will continue as clients tackle the Loan Forgiveness process. Our current business environment is “make or break” for small to mid-sized businesses right now…and we’re here to not only help businesses survive, but also thrive.

How have you maintained a sense of company culture?

I believe company culture defines our work environment and our work ethic, especially during challenging times like this. Our services are essential and that makes each of our employees essential. As COVID-19 descended, I had the foresight to see both the needs of our team members and the needs of our clients. Making sure team members were paid so they could take care of their families, adapting to their remote locations so they could continue working, and giving balanced consideration with input from the team as we re-opened for face-to-face meetings with clients…every step was created based on our company culture that values employees and clients alike.

Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

With any disaster, a vibrant and relevant accounting firm must pivot, not only for our on-going success, but as a model for many of the companies we serve. But change must be strategic, well executed and focused on attainable goals that are designed for growth. Embracing change is part of the new way of doing business. While it can be challenging, it can also cultivate answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet.  It should add up to success and happiness for everyone including our employees, our existing clients and our future clients. I choose to be optimistic.


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