GoodCall: New Orleans #10 In U.S. For Hispanic Entrepreneurs

NEW ORLEANS – Research and data website GoodCall determined the New Orleans metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is the #10 Best Place in the U.S. for Hispanic Entrepreneurs. 

         About The Big Easy, GoodCall reports, “This metropolitan area of more than 1 million people (5.02% Hispanic) is home to nearly 9,000 Hispanic-owned businesses – 7% of all the area’s businesses. The New Orleans-Metairie area ranked well for networking potential and economic health, contributing to its top 10 spot. The area has experienced positive GDP growth in recent years and, according to the most recent estimates, unemployment is lower for Hispanic workers than it is among all workers (6% versus 7%). What drives the New Orleans-Metairie area’s economy? The area is home to one of the world’s busiest ports, and the New Orleans metropolitan area is a major hub for maritime industry. Other major industries include oil refining and petrochemical production, higher education, health care, manufacturing and tourism.”

         The methodology of GoodCall considered the business climate, economic health, networking potential, educational values and affordability of U.S. cities.

         GoodCall’s Top Ten Best Places for Hispanic Entrepreneurs are:


1 – Midland, TX

2 – Washington, DC

3 – Odessa, TX / Houston, TX

4 – Austin, TX

5 – Dallas, TX

6 – Anchorage, AK

7 – Casper, WY

8 – Miami, FL

9 – NYC, NY

10 – New Orleans, LA


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