GNO Inc., Bank of America Release 3rd Greater New Orleans Jobs Report

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NEW ORLEANS — Greater New Orleans Inc. and Bank of America have released the 2021 Greater New Orleans Jobs Report examing the region’s job market, industry trends and workforce metrics. This is the latest installment in a series of annual studies that provide an analysis of the jobs that will drive the region’s economy over the next decade.  

“Now more than ever, it is imperative that training programs in our region are aligned with demand,” said Michael Hecht, president and CEO of Greater New Orleans Inc. in a press release. “As our economy continues to evolve, we must remain nimble to ensure that our region’s population has access to high-quality training programs in order to facilitate economic growth in an equitable manner.”

The latest report focuses on workforce development and collaboration with regional educators.

“Workforce development is a priority for Bank of America and our clients,” said Jonathan Matessino, senior vice president of global commercial banking at Bank of America, which has invested in the jobs report for the last three years. “Along with GNO Inc., we are working to address workforce development and training needs that will help the region attract, retain and expand businesses, create well-paying jobs, and grow revenues.”    

Hecht said a primary goal of this report is to encourage partnerships and collaboration between regional stakeholders.   

Findings include:

  • In greater New Orleans, 76% of all jobs require some form of education, training or experience beyond a high school diploma
  • Nearly a quarter of the of the civilian labor force in the United States possess some sort of certification or license
  • In 2020, there were over 15,200 higher education completions in greater New Orleans, with bachelor’s degrees accounting for 45% of all completions
  • There are more than 89,000 STEM jobs in greater New Orleans

These findings are intended to help inform government, education, economic development, workforce development and private philanthropy’s programs and policy opportunities that meet industry demand. Furthermore, GNO Inc. will incorporate many recommendations into its programs.

Read the full report here.

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