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There’s nothing better than spending time with friends, family and colleagues — that is unless it’s time spent also doing something to help people you’ve never even met, and maybe never will.

Without fundraising events over the past year and with an absence of social gatherings, our community partners have had to find ways to keep their efforts moving forward and their mission alive. Although they’ve been successful in their pivoting attempts, they still need our support in bringing awareness and funding to their causes.

In this issue of Biz New Orleans, we’d like to celebrate those businesses whose company mission goes far beyond keeping their financials in the black, along with some of the many nonprofits with which they partner to get the job done – whether that job is fighting crime or fighting cancer, running a race or running an after-school program.

We invite you to join us in lifting up these wonderful organizations and committed businesses that have fought through these challenging times as they are such an invaluable part of moving our community forward.

2021 Businesses Giving Back

2021 Non-Profits Giving Back

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